With hundreds of champagnes available,
choosing can be a fun challenge.

Top terroir champenois are of course Grand Cru and Premier Cru, with these appellations designating vineyard locations with recognizeable taste profiles.

Searching for top artisanal producers rated and recognized as competing with the most world-renown “Maison de Champagnes”,  Artisans.Best were able to locate fantastic niche growers  sourced from different areas, with completely different taste profiles so their products did not compete with each other. 

 You’ll see from the reviews how both are highly rated, yet distinct.

We are delighted to introduce you to:

Hebrart Champagne & Lallement Champagne 

Exclusive distribution in The Channel Islands and Greece.

Searching for a ʺMaison de Champagneʺ PREMIER CRU, our choice of the Hebrart Family is based on two factors: their exceptional quality and a ʺMaison de Champagneʺ which is swiftly becoming highly-regarded within France and beyond.

For us they tick the boxes and also offer plenty of pluses enabling them to compete with the best ʺMaisonsʺ we are delighted to be one of their foreign partners.

The Lallement Family is among the top GRANDS CRUS Champagnes.

With elegance and subtilty their quality is ranked among the best in their category.

Already well-known in France by connoisseurs and in certain foreign countries, we are pleased to participate in their expansion.