Also called «Elixir of Gods», legend says that Mezcal was created when lightning struck an agave, considered one of the most sacred plants in ancient Mexico.

Its unique flavour makes it totally different from Tequilla.

Exclusive distribution in Europe.
Strictly limited releases and quantities.

Discover Mexico’s roots in mezcal. 

Mezcal is a unique Mexican spirit produced primarily in Oaxaca. Deliciously nuanced, Mezcal reflects the land where it is grown, the terroir, and genuine craftsmanship passed traditionally through generations.

The agave heart called a pinã, is steamed on a wood fire, crushed and fermented using artisanal methods, extracted through a double distillation, the secret recipe of the ʺmezcalero maestroʺ you can taste. An ultra premium Mezcal should only contain 100% cultivated or wild agave (no sugar), the standard our partners follow.

Faithful to mezcal’s ancestral origins our partners chose bottles reminiscent of barro negro, a local black pottery created for centuries, now rare but still used in Oaxaca. To present their elixir pre-Hispanic artwork is hand-painted,  a collectable one-of-a-kind creation for our truly artisanal product.

We are proud to introduce you to Mezcal Brije


The science of flavour
engineered to perfection

We do the science . . .
you revel in the flavour

Taste the difference and understand why it is so awarded

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Mastiha (μαστίχα) is made from the resin of a tree called mastiha (a  variety of pistachio tree). The people of Chios have been gathering its “tears” for more than 3000 years.

This Greek plant produces the treasured mastiha in only one spot on south Chios Island. Its resin collected since Antiquity, and said to be healing. Our product is the only mastiha spirit in the world distilled from an ancient recipe.

[In no way it might be compared with the one found in the Balkans.]

Described as an unforgettably unique journey of changing aromas and flavours by top bartenders and chefs, poured pure, mixed in any cocktail (vodka, Gin, Tonic Water..) or as a digestive, include the versatile award-winning Skinos Mastiha in your tasting list.

It is our pleasure to work with our Greek Partner CONCEPTS

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King Otto, second son of Ludwig Ist of Bavaria, reigned over Greece from the early 1830, and decided Athens will be again the capital of Greece. Ionnis Vouher was then appointed by King Otto to create THE first Greek vermouth, honoring an Ancient Greek Tradition.


Crafted using wine from the Attica area, infused with rose petals, Greek herbs, and citrus fruits, this vermouth brings a truly Greek flavor.


We are delighted to introduce this second alcohol from our partner’s range CONCEPTS AE

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