Roland Coiffe & Associates are well known for their exceptional and nearly unique Bordeaux wines range. All appellations are represented but also each appellation offers a wide selection from the world’s top-flight Grand Crus classes to small unknown owners producing quality wines that only local connoisseurs enjoy.

Exclusive distribution in The Channel Islands and Greece.

If there is something worth knowing about Bordeaux wines, our partner Mr Roland Coiffe probably knows it. Born into generations of wine-growers, his family has owned Chateau Bel Air in Quinsac since 1898.

Bordeaux wines are not his only specialty.

He extended his range to include additional distinguished French and foreign wines and alcohols.

We are delighted to offer you this worldwide selection and invite you to contact us to discover it. Red or White there is no limit to enhance your knowledge of fantastic wines.


We are pleased to introduce you to Roland Coiffe & Associates